"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas"
-George Bernard Shaw
Innovation plays an important role in national development and socio-economic growth. It is the single most powerful engine for development and for addressing socio-economic challenges. And it holds the key, both in advanced and emerging economies, to employment generation and enhanced productivity, growth through knowledge creation and its subsequent application and diffusion.

More than anywhere else, India has the innovative spirit that lies in its very DNA. It is doing great things with it. It's that spirit that drives everyone here and Indiaís effort to become the next global hot bed of innovation.India has a long tradition of innovation with a significant pool of qualified people, both within the country as well as the diaspora, presently engaged in innovative activities. This talent pool has to be leveraged to drive the nationís innovation agenda.

Of late in India the innovative talent is dramatically on the upswing and we can see their dominance in various fields.There are three points to success - concept, capability, culture. These appear to be the watch words of the Youth of the country. Learn more ...chase after your concept or idea. Improve your capability to chase the idea...Cultivate the culture.

In order to promote innovation in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmeticswhere more than US $ 1000 Billion business per year is taking place and projected to reach close to US $ 60 Billion business only in India by 2020, it is essential to encourage students, researchers and faculty for finding Innovations & Innovative solutions for the umpteen number of problems in various fields including Product Research & Development, Manufacturing, Packaging, Testing, Marketing etc.

India has a vast pool of talented Pharma students, researchers and Faculty. When properly groomed and provided with conducive conditions, there are excellent prospects of their successfully bringing in Innovative Ideas into Reality. "Catch them young" is the adage we want to adopt. A word of praise or a gesture of recognition will work wonders in elevating the spirits of our students and innovators. Students of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses would make the right target group for searching the innovative talent in the Country since they will not have any inhibitions to come out with out off the box ideas. This will be a small step in a humble way but nevertheless a very significant step in achieving the goal of our honorable Prime minister Sri. Narendra Modiís ĎMake in Indiaí Programme a success.

Further all over the Globe, there is constant search for startups with a novel idea. Though this trend is more pronounced in Technology, it is bound to invade the other branches of science, Pharma being no exception. If we as Indians have to keep our edge, we cannot afford to be laggards and should be ready with innovative solutions that will finally materialize into successful startups some of which may be trend setters of the future as well.

Hence to spread scientific temper and to enhance the requisite skills among the youth in the field of Pharmacy and to enable them to carve out successful careers in scientific research and innovations, we embarked on this project of introducing Awards/Rewards for innovative ideas and thoughts for the students, researchers, and Faculty in the field of Pharmacy. This is just a humble attempt by us to encourage them and to inspire many more. It is our wish and desire to make this Awards Project an Annual Event.
In order to plan the modalities and execution of this Awards programme, we are seeking the help of our sister concern M/s Bhan Pharmainfo Pvt Ltd, a multifaceted company which pioneered the support education system and is perhaps the first in India to introduce special courses for the working professionals in the field of Pharmacy with Procedures (Manufacturing, Packaging, Cleaning, Analytical, etc.,) Practices (GMP, GLP, GCP, GDP,GSP.,) Calibrations, Qualifications, Validations, Regulatory Submissions and Documentation as Major Curricula.

Today Bhan can proudly claim of an alumni base of over 700 that includes some officials of State & Central Drugcontrol Agencies, Executives, Managers and Senior Managers of Top MNCís and Indian Pharmaceutical companies spread across the length and breadth of India.

Our Board of Advisors has many luminaries from Government Regulatory Agencies, Scientists that filed Patents, International Consultants, Academicians, Legal Experts etc. With these credentials we are confident that we can identify the budding talent useful forPharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetic, Food and Medical related industries.

Further, we enjoy the support of many Pharmaceutical Industries in India.
Mode of inviting Innovative ideas:
Apogen will invite applications from individuals by way of advertisement through the website of the Company or by invitation from academic and research bodies at least 3 Months before the last date for submission of applications. If the application is by a group, the application has to be sent by the group leader.
We plan to make this as an Annual Event for U.G, P.G, Ph.Ds & Faculty in pharmacy colleges throughout India
The proposal has to be submitted in the prescribed format as given in Downloads

For students, the proposal should be accompanied by a letter from the head of the college / University / Institute as proof of the candidate pursuing his studies there or some other authentic proof of the same.

Feasibility of idea, with necessary details should be given in the write up along with the application / proposal.

There should be absolute clarity about the idea and the same should be spelt out in explicit terms.
Who can apply?
i. Under Graduates / Graduate students
ii. Post Graduate Students / Post Graduates
iii. Ph.Ds & Faculty
Screening of Proposals:
For the purpose of screening and short-listing the applications received, a committee will be constituted to screen and place before the selection committee the shortlisted proposals for final selection of the awardees.

The Screening Committee has the right to select or reject any or all applications without assigning any reason thereof.
Selection of Awardees:
Selection Committee constituted by Apogen Remedies Pvt. Ltd and Bhan Pharmainfo Pvt Ltd. will scrutinize the shortlisted Proposals placed before it by the Screening Committee and finalize the list of awardees. If the Selection Committee so feels, it may call such of the applicants whose proposals need further clarity for a presentation of the innovation to a select audience before finalizing the list of awardees.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to select or reject any or all applications without assigning any reason there off.
Certificate of Participation will be presented to all the candidates who send their Idea to Bhan pharmainfo Pvt Ltd and participate in this Programme.

Certificate of Merit/Excellence will be presented to all the candidates whose application will pass the Screening Committee and reach the Selection Committee for final Selection.
It may please be noted that candidates selected for Awards may have to produce documentary proof of their Studying or working at the stated Academic Institute / Research Lab / Industry to the satisfaction of the Selection Committee.

The awards under each category and the award money for different awards will be as under:
Total Awards: Seven         Total Award Money: Rs. 1,25,000/-
Sl.No Category Max. No of Awards Total Awards Grand Total (Rs)
1 UG / Graduate 2 1 Golden Idea Award @ Rs. 25,000/-
1 Silver Idea Award @ Rs. 10,000/-
2 Post Graduate 2 1 Golden Idea Award @ Rs. 25,000/-
1 Silver Idea Award @ Rs. 10,000/-
3 Ph.Ds / Faculty 3 1 Golden Idea Award @ Rs. 30,000/-
1 Silver Idea Award @ Rs. 15,000/-
1 Special Idea Award @ Rs. 10,000/-

Note: This programme is purely a conceptual presentation and not a legal offering. Apogen Remedies Private Limited reserves the right to make necessary changes and modifications in this programme as deemed.


To encourage the new and innovative ideas of the Young, Exuberant, Energetic and Vibrant minds of Indian Pharma Student Community.
To identify and put to use the relevant but yet unexploited past academic research that has the potential to open up new opportunities for the Pharma Industry.
To convert the Academic strengths into practical opportunities there by providing quality research to uplift the Human Health.
To collaborate with leading foreign Pharma institutes / universities to facilitate Cross border sharing of research knowledge.
To reduce / minimize the developmental costs by proper utilization of all resources.