Research & Development
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Research and Development
One of the aspirations of Apogen is to become a science and research driven Indian pharmaceutical Industry with special focus on multi particulate unit dose technology. Our strength is development of immediate and modified release projects in pellet form for suitable candidates of any biological class of drugs.

Our highly experienced and qualified scientists are working on NDDS projects by focusing on best of class schedules and cost effective formulas resulting into development of ready to fill pellets and ready to compress granules. Our ambition is to develop finished dosage forms meeting different regulatory requirements across the globe.

Technocrat investors on our board and reputed and experienced researchers on our advisory board provide us direction to meet future needs of the community.

In the current scenario we are focusing on development of new products in Immediate Release and Modified Release pellet form by using QbD and Risk evaluation principles and generating the data required for filing with different regulatory agencies including US, Europe, South Africa and other CIS & NON CIS markets apart from national market.

Presently the following Therapeutic Segments are our focus areas:
  Proton Pump Inhibitors
  Anti Hypertensive / Vasodilators
  Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory

Apart from Pelletization technology, we are also working on ready to compress granules of Immediate and modified release oral dosage forms.

We also offer contact based development and technical solutions to quality issues for others.

Apogenís commitment on high quality medicines at affordable prices keeps us to meet our vision statement.