Quality Policy
Quality is not an act, it is a habit
- Aristotle
Code of Conduct
Apogen strongly believes in the principle of fair competition.

Integrity in business dealings with buyers and sellers.

Safety of Products:
Apogen is conscious of its responsibility to protect health and safety of people and hence Safety of our products takes a prominent position in our operations.

Proper record-keeping for transparent reporting:
Proper documentation of key business processes is essential and to ensure this an internal mechanism has been evolved.

Proper book-keeping for transparent financial reporting:
To ensure proper book keeping and to record details of all transactions necessary for audit and accounting puroposes, an internal mechanism with checks and controls is in place.

Proper working conditions:
Proper and fair working conditions where in all employees are expected to deal with fellow employees and third parties in an objective and respectful manner without any discrimination.

Maintaining the confidentiality of the affairs of the company:
Employees should be judicious not to divulge any confidential information of the company to any third party or public. The rights of other entities should also be treated in the same spirit.

Drawing clear Demarcating line between Corporate and Personal interests:
Employees must draw a clear and distinct demarcation between their own personal interests and those of the company and bear in mind that corporate interests are paramount. Hence while dealing with outsiders they may ensure that they are purely on an objective basis and do not conflict with the corporate interests.

Respectful and cooperative dealings with Government:
As a responsible company we should respect the laws of the land and respect all the authorities, departments and agencies of the Government and cooperate with them and communicate precise, correct and complete information, as and when, required by them.