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Experienced as an intermediaries manufacturing unit since 2007 with intrinsic strengths in Novel Drug Delivery Systems, the company has over the years built in-house expertise enabling it to establish good business relations with many reputed formulations industries in IR, EC, SR/DR sector and is emerging as a leading player / Pharma manufacturing enabler in these products.

It comprises a multi-faceted institution of technocrat investors with highly qualified, trained, experienced & skilled Pharma professionals. The Company has an advisory board of skilled and experienced luminaries from the field of Research with rich Industrial exposure and patents in their names, Consultants and Advisors to the big names in Pharma Industry Regulatory and enforcement activities & on manufacturing, Industrialists, legal and financial experts.

With these formidable credentials the company is confident of creating for itself a niche market share in the domestic as well as international market over the next 3 years.

About Apogen