About Apogen
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Our Name and Logo
We always looked at the medicine men of olden days with awe and admiration. They did yeomen service to humanity in those ancient times without the help of all these modern day technological gadgets and procedures. Saluting the efforts of those great men of wisdom, the first known Pharmacists, Apothecaries, as they were referred to in those times, we adopted the first three letters of the name Apothecary as the beginning letters of our Company and since we desire mostly to deal with Generic drugs, the first three letters of the word Generic are added as the last three letters and thus was Apogen conceived.

Our Logo
Though names are what help us to identify an individual, it is the face of that individual we retain in our memory. We remember visually appealing things much better than those that we read or hear. Hence the much deserved emphasis on a logo. A logo helps one to stand out distinctly in the market place and facilitates the clients to choose their products without confusion.

Our logo has the letters a and r signifying Apogen Remedies. It also hints of letters Q, I and a person symbolising the tagline, Quality, Innovation and Life. The letter a symbolizing Apogen and letter Q speaking about Quality have the same source in the logo emphasizing that Apogen and Quality are inseparable. The letter g in the name Apogen indicates growth and the three small lines above it facing top right indicate the firm resolve of the company to grow at an accelerated pace.

Further the logo is designed mostly in Dark blue and green colours, blue adopted from ICH and WHO logos that regulate the quality standards of Pharma products and green signifying pharmacists’ green cross and our commitment to a green environment.

Logo Specifications

About Apogen